5 Tips for Small Business to Improve Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media, in fact if you’re not then you’re looked on as an outcast, but not everyone is using it to their max potential, or even close. Here are five relatively quick and easy tips that small businesses can use to improve your social media marketing and ensure you’re reaching out to the customers you actually want.

1. Emphasize Community

This is one of the first and most prominent areas where small businesses differ for medium to large sized businesses. As a small business, you likely know the names of many of your customers and generally think of them as friends, so emphasizing community in a very particular way on your social media channels is of paramount importance. You first need to understand your community and what they want, then you can curate content that tailors to those desires. Keep in mind that as a small and local business, you may want to be friends with your customers and vice versa, so be sure to put that touch on your content.

2. Advertise with Targeting in Mind

Most small businesses are advertising on social media, and Facebook especially has made it incredibly easy to get your business out there with a simplified platform and Instagram integration. Just be sure you’re putting the effort into establishing the program and then analyzing the results. All too often, I see brands advertising to their existing customers when they’re trying to reach out to new prospects, or other variations of that problem. Be sure that your advertising matches your goals.

3. Be Consistent

This is a big stickler for me, pages going dormant for a while and then posting for consecutive days only to go dormant again, or a page having an inconsistent theme. Your followers expect certain content from you and at a previously shown frequency, so don’t randomly show that latest cat video..........unless it’s your theme.

4. Analyze your Data

I know that you’re likely struggling to have time for normal everyday activities, but taking the time to analyze what your doing and adjusting could be the most cost effective strategy you can do. Take the time to understand social media insights, all channels have some more, and then adjust to see if you can improve. All of the major players will gladly take your money hoping that you’ll blindly just keep it going, but if you really want to succeed and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, you have to put in the effort.

5. Stay up to Date

As most things go on the internet, things are constantly changing. All of the major social media channels use complex algorithms that curates content for users, with dedicated teams constantly toiling away behind the scenes to update and, hopefully, improve the user experience. If you don’t stay on top of any new happenings, and trust me they happen all the time, you’ll get left behind using out of date tactics and wondering what happened to your user engagement. Their are countless websites, one of my favorites is www.socialmediatoday.com, where all social media news is aggregated and you can check on it when your schedule allows.