The Power of Video Content in your Marketing Plan

As audiences’ attention span become more short-lived and hard to reach, businesses are constantly trying to find ways to become a meaningful part of their conversation. You’ve probably heard about the virtues and benefits of video marketing before, as the proliferation of connected devices has become an increasingly powerful method to communicate your brand, your story, and build relationships with customers.

The most recent statistics show that video content is not only effective at just that but that the demand for it is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Read on to find out about some eye-opening statistics that will, if you’re not already, convince you to jump on the video bandwagon.

1. 53% of people want to see more video content.

This one should come as no surprise, as people are continually watching videos more so than reading text material. Part of this shift has to do with the fact that there are simply more videos available than there was in the past, mainly due to the proliferation of the cell phone and their high-quality video capabilities.

2. Your customer is more likely to pay attention to video than any other form of content.

Right or wrong, that 10-page exposé from your favorite journal will go unread compared to video content. Videos even outranked news articles and social media posts for their ability to grab attention, hold it, and engage an individual. 62% of people will thoroughly consume video content, higher than any other form of media. Why's that? With a successful video, the reader's attention is grabbed almost immediately by hooking them with something that peaks their interest. Take for example the video below, it's only 10 seconds long and isn't really communicating anything, but it immediately hooks the user with a unique vantage point from the drone and promises more as the drone rises in the air to reveal more of the view. This short video, while not really saying anything, ended up blowing up on social media!

3. Short videos still rule the internet.

With short attention spans, it’s always effective to get your point across in a concise manner to avoid losing your audience’s attention. With 56% of all videos published last year less than two minutes long, you can see that this is a long-standing best practice. That’s not to say it’s a hard and fast rule, however. There is certainly a place for long-term content if you’re telling a particularly compelling story, just make sure it’s engaging enough throughout the whole video to maintain your audience's attention.

4. Video has a massive market.

YouTube has about 1.3 billion users, that’s roughly a third of total internet users, a huge market! While only a tiny fraction of those may actively search out your brand, the great thing is that YouTube’s algorithm is constantly serving up fresh videos, encouraging users to watch more (I think we’ve all went down the black hole of YouTube videos before…..). This means that if someone is searching something related to you and what you’ve posted, there’s a good chance YouTube will serve up your video eventually. This all depends on several things, but it’s good to remember when building out your video strategy.

5. Videos lead to increased revenue.

Videos are nice, but as a business, you’re in it to make money. The exciting thing is that video has been proven to tie directly to increased sales. A recent study found that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product actually bought it, wow! I bet video content is sounding pretty appealing now! While photos and text are nice, there's no better way to give a more complete view and help explain your product or service than with a video.


The great thing about video content is that it doesn’t have to be all high quality, polished content all the time. There is certainly a place for that, but most of us are carrying around a good enough smartphone that, with an extra minimal investment in a couple products, will produce content good enough for most day to day uses.

Think about how your business can utilize video to further your goals, whether it’s telling your story through content marketing, vlogs, or polished product/event videos.

Got any questions? Reach out and let us know to further the discussion.