Social Media Marketing/Advertising

While there are countless marketing strategies, perhaps the most effective and quickest way to get a return on your investment is social media marketing. The different social media platforms offer specific ways to reach out to your market and different strategies are used on each platform to ensure your marketing dollars are spent correctly. While other channels may require significant investment, in either time or money, social media is the best channel to see returns immediately with a relatively low investment.



We'll utilize Facebook Pixel and create custom audiences to deliver specific ads to the correct audience depending on where they are in the sales funnel, re-market to website visitors, A/B split ad testing to determine the best message, and create custom conversions to deliver highly effective ads to just the right people at the right time.

Facebook Pixel Event Graph

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For brands invested in video content, YouTube advertising offers significant potential to get your brand in front of more people. Using Google AdWords, we can re-target people who have been to your site or viewed your content, create search and affinity audiences to reach out to new viewers, and use analytical insights to create data driven results.


Twitter is by far the leader in breaking news coverage and organic engagement. Unlike other social media channels, Twitter's value really shines in that you don't have to pay in order to reach followers, which enhances the value even if ads are run. Most brands find success on Twitter with brand building strategies, although Twitter is particular effective when running a promotion on a product or service and the ability to provide a direct link. Otherwise, Twitter's advertising services are considered to be underwhelming compared to other social media channels, but is a great channel to communicate with customers and build brand awareness. 

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